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Adult & Teen Challenge Mid-America

"I needed Adult & Teen Challenge. This place has truly been green pastures and still waters for me. God’s hands healed me through the love, program, staff and fellow students here at TCIMA. Not only have I been restored by I have a life experience that I’ll never forget. God’s presence is much more of a reality now. My faith has strengthened and my character has been made stable."
-Robert H.
"After years in the cycle of addiction I was totally broken and either ready to die or get help. I reached out to my mom and she suggested that I go to Adult & Teen Challenge. Because of past experiences of secular rehabs and jails, short term facilities would not be enough. The next morning, I got a call that a good friend of mine had died with a needle in his arm. I knew then that If I didn’t get help I was going to be next. As I started in the home center, I felt the slow change of my mind clearing up. It wasn’t and in Cape I surrendered my whole life to Jesus."
-Josh C.
"I have a restored relationship with my parents and children. I am thankful most of all the God decided to use me in this ministry. God chose me to help prepare these men to be Godly father to their children and to their children’s children, I thank God that I am a living example of the changing power of Christ."
-James H. (Staff)

Adult & Teen Challenge provided a place to free myself from the overwhelming issues I was facing and allowed me to focus on developing a relationship with Christ. I have regained my joy and restored broken relationships I once thought were permanently severed. For many, the struggle with addiction is life or death, but Adult & Teen Challenge gives you the tools to choose life."
-Ben H.

Teen Challenge changes the world one person at a time, by offering hope and direction to those with problems that are ruining their lives.” - John Ashcroft